Kevin Diggs makes no apologies for an unrelenting performance that astounds some while captivating others. Born and raised in New Orleans to a musically inclined family, Diggs was destined for the stage. Kevin first held a microphone at the age of five, performing a solo in his kindergarten production of a cowboy western, “Don’t Fence Me In.” His talent evident, he was soon urged to sing in his church choir.

Now, as lead singer of “Five Finger Discount,” since it’s beginning in 1999, Diggs has no regrets in leaving his prior project, a little known but well respected band called the “Pratt-St.John Band”. Diggs driving enthusiasm is reflected in how he feels when he is performing, “While I’m out there, I feel strong, a little scared, but always in control. I feel like if everyone follows me, I’ll take them where they want to be.”

His musical influences are Paul McCartney, Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots, and most fondly remembered, his high school music teacher Joey Winters. He has a great passion for politics and Saint’s football. Diggs foresees a strong future for himself in entertainment, and is looking forward to performing across the United States.





Dario Campo New Orleans native, grew up on “old school” metal (maiden, priest, ozzy, crue). I started doing Elvis for the family when i was 5 and always knew I’d be an artist of some sort. I took art lessons as a child, but air guitar was always calling… so for my 15th b-day it happened… the real deal! So me & the boys formed a band & we tried real hard.. VICIOUS CIRCLE was the 1st attempt… local parties and talent shows (howning my skilz). Then came Metallica.. it changed everything. DOMINION was born.. Harder, Faster, Louder.. we were the Kings of FAT CITY Bra!! …just check out (just kiddin!). Then comes alternative music, …cut the hair & then i find myself in NOZMO KING (new orleans premier pawty band!) What a ride… 3 yrs of S, D & R-n-Roll in a van thru the South hittin’ every bar/party/frat house.. u name it, we played it for $50 and a case of Budweiser (Hold On – burn out!).. and like all good things, time for a break (short one). Some friends asked me to be the 4th member of an original band named BITTER (a blend of edgey pop vibe thang)… Waiting for the original music scene to develop, i craved the crowd again (RockStar!) …Wah-la! 5 FINGER DISCOUNT… just what the Doctor ordered. I’ve had a long music career, ..and enjoy playing now for Fun! I’m married, have 3 beautiful children (girls), have my own Hair Salon (another artistic art form), and enjoy riding motorcycles. I’m 5’10″, 160lbs, have Hazel eyes, a pisces, and love Pina Coladas & gettin’ caught in the rain!






Steve Pizzolato was born on a cold February, 1970. Who would have know that the 70′s would produce one of the best all around bass players to come to the New Orleans circuit. Steve started playing at the age of twelve. His motivation for playing music has nothing to do with playing music at all. He thought it would be a great way to meet girls. He was right.

After many years of hard work and detication to his instrument (and many girls later) Steve is known as one of the best bass players around. He has played in local bands for the past 15 years. Among those; the popular all original band WHISKEY WILD.








Tim Olson was born at Lakeside hospital in 1978, and was raised in Kenner. He now lives on the North shore. Tim first started playing drums in elementary school and has been playing now for twelve years. He graduated from St. Paul’s high school in 1997 and still lives in Covington. Some of his accomplishments include playing drums in three bands and singing in one. Tim has always been interested in music and listens to a great variety from Jazz to Alternative rock. Most recently one of Tim’s bands recorded a demo, and hopes to make it big one day!









Matthew Dovie joined the band as the lonely lighting and video guy, and now Matt a.k.a DJ Mattron has made his way to the stage! Bringing an entirely new dynamic to the band, DJ Mattron changes things up by throwing in some of today’s popular music. The newest member of 5 Finger Discount likes to keep things popin’ on the dance floor during intermissions.